At Oxford in 2020–21 I am teaching:

  • Sources & Historiography, a module on the MSt/MPhil in Modern British History (essentially, the literature of the field class)
  • Disciplines of History, a historiography/methods course for second-year undergraduates

At Columbia I taught Contemporary Civilization, a discussion-based course in philosophy and the history of political thought that is part of Columbia’s mandatory Core Curriculum. My syllabi for CC are available here and here. I was also a teaching assistant for courses in modern European history, modern British history, and US intellectual history, and advised honors theses in British and European history.

I am especially committed to improving the representation of queer history and the history of sexuality in European history courses. To this end, I have developed a handout identifying best practices for addressing classical Athenian pederasty in Western Civilization and similar classes. I have also created draft syllabi for the following classes, which I would be happy to share upon request:

  • Queer European History (undergraduate lecture course)
  • Gender and Sexuality in Modern Britain (undergraduate or master’s research seminar)
  • History of Sexuality (graduate seminar)