profile pic 2019I am a historian of gender and sexuality, education, and the politics, society, and culture of nineteenth- and twentieth-century Britain more broadly. I received my PhD in History from Columbia University in May 2020. I am currently a Junior Research Fellow at Merton College, Oxford.

I am currently revising my PhD dissertation, “The Politics and Culture of Gender in British Universities, 1860–1935,” for publication as a monograph. I am also beginning work on a second book project, tentatively titled “Intellectual Aristocracies: The Intellectual History of Male Homosexuality in England, c. 1850–1967.” You can read more about both projects on my Research page.

As often as I can, I write for the public about modern British history and the history of gender and sexuality. I am also a keen amateur film and TV critic. You can find some of my public-facing work here, and follow me on Twitter for more.

At Oxford in 2020–21, I will be teaching modules in modern British history and general historiography at undergraduate and master’s level. At Columbia, I taught widely in British and European history and US intellectual history, and advised students writing senior theses. In 2019–20, I taught Contemporary Civilization, a course focused on primary texts in Western moral and political philosophy that is part of Columbia’s mandatory Core Curriculum. I am especially committed to incorporating queer content and methods into standard courses in modern British and European history; and to improving access to historical research, graduate school, and the academic profession for those from underrepresented backgrounds.