QOTD (2010-07-28)

The Rachel Maddow Show, July 22, 2010, on a survey sent to soldiers soliciting their opinions on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell:

Because this is America, rights are not supposed to be put to a vote. That’s why they’re called rights! That’s why we have a Constitution, and why we struggle every day to prove that we still honor it…. This is America, and the rights of man are inalienable, no matter what skeeves you out.

Maddow is not only one of the smartest and best-educated people on TV and pundits in the New York/Washington media, she says things that no one else in those media outlets will say. I have the greatest admiration for anyone who views their job as a calling, and when Maddow says things like this it makes me believe that she is one of those people.

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