QOTD (2010-03-30)

Economics and Statistics Administration
U.S. Census Bureau
Washington, DC 20233-0001

March 17, 2010

A message from the Director, U.S. Census Bureau…

This is your official 2010 Census form. We need your help to count everyone in the United States. It is important that everyone be counted, regardless of where they may be living at the time of the census. This Individual Census Report is to be used to count people who are currently living or staying in group quarters, such as college or university dormitories, nursing homes, group homes, emergency and transitional shelters for people experiencing homelessness, and other such locations. Please follow the instructions you were given when you received this form for returning it to the appropriate person.

Your answers are important. Census results are used to decide the number of representatives each state has in the U.S. Congress. The amount of government money received also depends on these answers. That money is used for services for children and the elderly, roads, and many other local needs. As allowed by law, your census data becomes public after 72 years. This information can be used for family history and other types of historical research.

Your answers are confidential. This means the Census Bureau cannot give out information that identifies you. Your answers will only be used for statistical purposes, and no other purpose. Please visit our Web site at &lgt;www.census.gov/2010census&rgt; and click on “Protecting Your Answers” to learn more about our privacy policy and data protection.

Thank you for completing your official 2010 Census form.

This is the most patriotic I’ve felt since November 2008, when I cast my first ballot. Sometimes it’s great to feel that, as a young citizen of this country, you’re part of this enormous bureaucratic project that is Being These States.

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