Shameless Self-Promotion

Since it’s now been posted on Point (though I think you might have to be a Princeton student to see that link), I may as well mention that I’m giving a talk on gender-neutral housing at the Fields Center on Feb. 26:

As one of the Fields Center’s signature events, the Social Issues Roundtable is a lunchtime discussion series featuring scholars and community activists engaging with students in specified topics that intersect issues of diversity and social justice.

The Carl A. Fields Center welcomes undergraduate Emily Rutherford to the Social Issues Roundtable on February 26 at noon. Rutherford will discuss the historical and political nuances of the University’s new Gender Neutral Housing option. Please join us in seminar room 205 for a catered lunch and stimulating conversation.

I’m going to be talking for 20-25 minutes about the historical context of GNH, and where it fits into the narratives of coeducation, alternative dining options, LGBT life, and a host of other developments in the world of non-normative Princeton in the past 40 or so years. Given that this school year is the 40th since women first arrived on campus in significant numbers, it’s a particularly good time to be evaluating our social progress as a community. And since I wrote a paper last semester on the history of the Fields Center and its role in this progress, I’m excited to be doing the gig in the new Fields Center building. Anyway, the gig is a “roundtable,” not really a “talk,” so I hope that if you’re Princeton-based you’ll come by on Feb. 26 and join the conversation!

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