Status Update

By the time you read this, I’ll be headed out of DC on a 36-hour journey consisting of travel on seemingly every conceivable method of transportation (bus, train, subway, airplane, car, boat…) that is, eventually, going to get me here—a fairly remote island with irregular internet and other Outside World contact. And I’m thrilled about this, because it’s my vacation, a concept I haven’t really appreciated fully before and am now very excited about.

Instead of reading the news, I’m going to read queer theory, mid-20th-century magazine journalism, and trashy novels. I’m going to hang out with my family. I’m going to sleep a lot. Maybe I’ll finally write a short fiction piece, which is one of my as-yet-unfulfilled goals for this summer.

I’m going to return to the real world on September 13, when I’ll arrive back on campus and get ready for the new school year. But until then, I will probably not be blogging or checking too much email or Facebook. I do have cell phone service, so I’ll probably post the occasional tweet from my phone, but that will be strictly one-way communication. If you desperately need to reach me, I’ll respond to emails, etc. with about a two- or three-day lag time.

See you in September!

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