Sometimes I Wonder What the World is Coming To

I think the last time I complained non-stop that the world was going to hell in a handbasket, we had just passed the 4,000 casualties mark in Iraq. Well. I cannot fucking believe that this is a serious headline reported entirely non-satirically by one of the country’s foremost daily newspapers:

Obama says ‘death panels’ aren’t on his healthcare overhaul agenda

Holy shit, LA Times! No fucking way! Now this is NEWS! I just can’t believe that such a crackpot conspiracy theory doesn’t actually exist!

This is like something out of a political satire. This is like an Onion headline. Journalism is dying, Washington is going batshit insane, and I clearly need to get the hell back to the ivory tower. It’s like a mid-20th-century surrealist drama, where all the other characters are so insane that the protagonist starts to doubt her own sanity. And it’s only 10:20am….

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