QOTD (2009-06-16)

From a post at The Bilerico Project:

In just the past two days, our nation’s capital has went from RuPaul, Martha Wash and Capital Pride to a smackdown on LGBTQ issues. From the D.C. Board of Elections just saying NO to a proposed voter referendum suspending recognition of same-sex marriages performed elsewhere to the allegations that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says he does not have ANY senator willing to sponsor the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell – this town is hitting the ceiling on the perceived betrayal of the Democratically-controlled executive and legislative branches of government.

And I’ve been right here in the middle of it, covering Pride and starting some research on DOMA for Campus Progress, reading all the blogs, spending day after day right in the middle of the discussions over LGBT rights that are going down in this town. I know that my schedule next week is going to put me even more in the middle of things. And it’s so bizarre to think that I actually am doing what I read about. In however small and insignificant a capacity, I work in Washington, covering the things I know and am passionate about.

I keep apologizing to my editor for covering too much LGBT stuff, keep promising her I’ll branch out. But at the same time, I like being able to be an expert on something, and I like staying in the middle of things. DC Pride was one of the coolest events I’ve ever attended, and I’m glad that it feeds back into my work and that my work in turn feeds into the most up-to-date conversations about important public issues that matter to me. I’m a very, very lucky person indeed.

(For frivolity’s sake, here’s a picture of RuPaul from Pride):

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