One Thought on Iran

I was sitting outside at a café, eating breakfast, and a contingent of what looked like a few hundred people marched by, many wearing green and many more carrying Iranian flags, chanting “Give us our votes!” Some people were singing a song in what I took to be Farsi. I took a picture on my cell phone, though it didn’t come out too well:


I am always glad to see expressions of political outrage in physical space (not just in internet-space), and I was also glad to see that there are people living in America who are personally invested in the tragic and messed-up situation in Iran. As I said before, I don’t feel that I’m sufficiently informed to comment in much detail about the Iranian situation, but I am glad that there are people in America supporting the Iranian people who appear to have been disenfranchised on an unbelievable scale. This sort of emotional link between countries that on the face of it could not seem more different is a good thing to have.

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