Happy Memorial Day

The best way to support our troops is to ensure that no more of them have to die in Afghanistan and Iraq. In honor of Memorial Day and all our men and women in uniform, here’s Tao Rodriguez-Seeger and friends singing Pete Seeger’s song “Bring ‘Em Home” at Pete’s 90th birthday concert a few weeks ago:

This song got Pete banned from television when he played it on the Smothers Brothers show at the height of the Vietnam War. And it seems relevant, perhaps, to quote from a Memorial Day post by a very dear college master of mine:

I wonder if, on a day slated to honor the noble sacrifices of fathers and mothers and brothers and sisters, you and I might make room as well to honor the silent inclinings of the hidden heart, along with more conspicuous and civic movements, to avoid the necessity for those sacrifices in the first place.


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