Suck it, NOM!

The National Organization for Marriage was one of the largest single donors to California’s Proposition 8, which banned same-sex marriage in November. Its offices are across the street from my university, at 20 Nassau St.—that’s here:

So some of us Princeton students had a protest today, to protest NOM and its close connections with Princeton: the president of NOM’s board is a Princeton politics professor, Robert George. We made masks with his face on them to make light of the fact that his connections are actually leading folks like Frank Rich to draw an implicit connection between Princeton and NOM:

We also made signs that mock NOM’s bigoted rhetoric:

And some that were just entertaining:

Here I am with a sign:

Basically, we had a dance party—with many renditions of “It’s Raining Men”!:

(Thanks to Rocky R. for the photos! We also received coverage in the Daily Princetonian.)


As the ACLU might say, the solution to speech is more speech. NOM has the constitutional right to take up residence right across the street from where I live and tell me I shouldn’t have the right to marry whomever I want. I mean that seriously—I don’t for an instant want to silence their speech. But that doesn’t mean the rest of Princeton can let their hateful beliefs pass unremarked, so we went out to Nassau Street on a nice day dressed in funny costumes and masks and had a dance party with sarcastic signs. We had fun, and we spoke out for something we believe in deeply.

God I love this country.

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