QOTD (2009-05-07)

From an interview Allen Ginsberg gave in 1965, as quoted in Queer Beats: How the Beats Turned America On to Sex, ed. Regina Marler:

… the only way you can be saved is to sing. In other words, the only way to drag up, from the depths of this depression, to drag up your soul to its proper bliss, and understanding, is to give yourself, completely, to your heart’s desire. The image will be determined by the heart’s compass, by the compass of whatever the heart moves toward and desires. And then you get on your knees or on your lap or on your head and you sing and chant prayers and mantras, till you reach a state of ecstasy and understanding, and the bliss overflows out of your body.

Well, I certainly can’t say anything to add to that.

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