Reading QOTD (2009-02-25)

From the annotations to Spenser’s Faerie Queene (does one italicize “Faerie Queene,” or put it in quotes? or inverted commas? which are the same thing? why did I end the preceding phrase with a question mark?) in the Norton Anthology of English Literature:

That Spenser contemplated (as he proceeds to indicate) a poem four times as long as the six books we now have rather staggers the imagination.

I was already feeling slightly pretentious for slogging through Spenser over tea. That, one of the most rarefied annotations I’ve ever read in a modern edition of something, totally just upped the ante.

One thought on “Reading QOTD (2009-02-25)

  1. As an English major my instinct is to put it in italics. But I’m not absolutely positive, I’ve never written on it so I’ve never had need to think about it really.

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