I am a historian of modern Britain and a PhD candidate at Columbia University. I am interested in gender, education, and the intellectual/cultural history of modern Britain and Europe more broadly. My dissertation is a history of those who opposed or were skeptical about coeducation in British universities between 1860 and 1935, whose countercultural decisions to carve out single-sex spaces in changing times had lasting consequences for gender relations in British higher education. I have published articles on gender and classical education in nineteenth-century Oxford and on the intellectual history of male homosexuality. I am a committed teacher, and at Columbia have taught modern British and European history and US intellectual history and supervised senior theses. I am a very enthusiastic member of the New York–Cambridge Training Collaboration in Twentieth-Century British History.

I try to be a person with an identity beyond my academic work (it’s not always easy), and I enjoy cooking, hiking, making music, watching television (the novel of our time), and spending time with friends and family.

I grew up in California, moved to the East Coast for college, and often visit family in British Columbia, Canada. I have spent the last ten years shuttling back and forth between the New York region and England (lucky me!) and take pride and pleasure in maintaining my ties in both places.

On the “Blog” tab, you will find a diary of sorts about reading, thinking, and living that I have kept for almost a decade, since my first year of university. These days, it is updated very infrequently.

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