I am a historian of modern Britain and a PhD candidate at Columbia University. I am interested in gender, education, and the intellectual/cultural history of modern Britain and Europe more broadly. My dissertation is a history of those who opposed or were skeptical about coeducation in British universities between 1870 and 1930, whose countercultural decisions to carve out single-sex spaces in changing times had lasting consequences for gender relations in British higher education. I have published articles on gender and classical education in nineteenth-century Oxford and on the intellectual history of male homosexuality. I am a committed teacher, and at Columbia have taught modern British and European history and US intellectual history and supervised senior theses. I am a member of the New York–Cambridge Training Collaboration in Twentieth-Century British History. In academic year 2017-18 I am living in Cambridge while I conduct dissertation research in archives across the UK.

I try to be a person with an identity beyond my academic work (it’s not always easy), and I enjoy cooking, hiking, making music, watching television (the novel of our time), and spending time with friends and family.

On the “Blog” tab, you will find a diary of sorts about reading, thinking, and living that I have kept for almost a decade, since my first year of university. These days, it is updated sporadically.

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